Buanderie Paranet Health Solutions has built its reputation
on its professional team and fully.

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For more than 50 years, Buanderie Paranet Solutions Santé inc. provides rental, maintenance and supply of linen and bedding for the health network. Serving throughout Quebec, the team of 150 employees has a common goal: to contribute to the development of hygiene and the quality of equipment in hospitals, by offering the best products and services.

To stay in the race and continue to maintain textiles at competitive prices, Buanderie Paranet Solutions Santé inc. must be able to count on efficient and profitable equipment.

Our production facilities are located under one roof. To accommodate our full range of equipment and technologies, our central building covers an area of ​​approximately 50 000 sq. ft..

Optimization of performance is ensured by our annual investments in the renewal of our machines and accessories such as washing tunnels, industrial dryers and folding machines.

At Buanderie Paranet Solution Santé, our mission is to offer high quality products worthy of the beneficiaries and suitable for the nursing staff.

Regions : Montréal, Centre du Québec, Québec, Charlevoix

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Our approach and our protocols

Compliance with industry standards.

No crossing of linen.

Staff affected by area (soiled / clean).

Disinfection of trucks and carts.

Paranet Health Solution washes white, in a green way.

Because saving the environment is integral to our mission, we pursue one of the most comprehensive, rigorous and innovative environmental management programs in the industry.